We are able to offer Forklift Driver Training to companies across the whole of the UK. We have many certified professional trainers across the UK that are part of our group to carry out this training. This training can be done either on-site, or at an approved test centre depending on the number and experience of the drivers to be trained.

These courses can be carried out on a number of different machines, some of which include; counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks, bendi/flexi trucks, telehandlers, sideloaders and more.

The courses (which are approved by the Road Transport Industry Training Board - RTITB) look at and teach safe practice of forklift use, efficiency and carrying out risk assessments. These courses are also accredited by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


Driver training is important, as it helps to give drivers full awareness and control which can result in fewer accidents, injuries, product loss, costs and fines incurred by employers, and perhaps even loss of life in extreme circumstances. In this view, forklift driver training can be seen as an investment to protect all aspects of your business and employees, rather than be seen as a cost. Companies that get this training carried out for their employees will be seen to comply with HSE regulations.


The courses cover practical assessments and excersies, and also include DVD's to be watched as part of the training. Below are a few points that are convered during these courses:

  • Explaining the controls and components of the machine
  • Explanation of Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment (LOLER) and regulations such as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)
  • Learning the basic operations functions of the machine, such as refuelling, lubrications and cooling
  • Learning about pallets for loading and unloading goods
  • Understanding what causes instability amongst forklift machines


There are many different training courses that can be undertaken - this depends on the level of experience of the driver, ranging from a beginner course, to an advanced refresher course.

These courses can usually be completed in the following timescales:

Novice Training Course (3-5 days)

Expereianced Training Course (2-3 days)

Refresher Course (1 day)

Conversion Course (1 day)


Upon successful completion of these courses, this will allow your drivers to safely operate forklift vehicles as outlined in manufacturers’ manuals. This will also allow use of machines up to maximum capacity of 25 Tons (withing the UK).

This complies with the HSE Code of Practice L117. The successfully trained drivers will also understand their responsibility to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Regulations.