Stay within lifting and pulling regulations with the Kelvin Fully Electric Pallet Truck!


Regulations regarding safe manual handling are constantly changing, and are only getting stricter. Be sure to stay inside these rules with a fully electric pallet truck from Kelvin.


What are these rules?


The official guideline figure for starting and stopping a load (amount of horizontal force needed to pull pallet truck) is around 20kg for men and 15kg for a women. The acceptable figure for keeping a load in motion is 10kg for men and 7kg for women.


To put this into perspective, independant research has found that on average starting a 500kg load takes a horizontal effort of 23.3kg, which is over the official guidelines. This is also not even taking into account a slight slope or a rough surface!


Research has also found that even a 1 degree increase in gradient results in roughly a 1.75 times increase in the push/pull force required per 100kg of a loaded pallet truck.


In conclusion:


This study has suggested that anything over 227kg often used on slopes or ramps should be carried out by an electric machine in order to stay within the official guidelines.


This is where our electric machines can be of help. You can see one of our popular electric pallet truck machines here.