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Kelvin KQR15H Ultra Compact Fully Powered Pallet Truck for medium pallet handling applications

• Model KQR15H - Max. load capacity: 1500kg

• Ideal fork dimensions: 1150mm x 550mm (different fork options available) perfect for handling most types of pallets

• Electric lift and drive

• Modern, compact + light design makes the KQR15H suitable for application in a variety of warehouses, supermarkets and even on large lorries

• Incredibly smooth travel and lift combined with multi-functional controls greatly help reduce product damage and increase productivity

• Very light at 275kg including battery

• Brand new maintenance-free, pollutionfree battery that is longer discharging and requires significantly shorter time to recharge than previous models

• Advanced 0.8 kW pump motor that both enhances the KQR15H power and reduces its energy consumption

• High efficiency DC drive wheels with great power

• Drive unit is equipped with an electro-magnetic brake

• Curtis 1243 industrial grade controller with high reliability and perfect speed control.

• Cooling fan to reduce driving motor temperature allowing high frequency usage.

• One piece fork with 8mm thickness for high durability.

• Built in charger with a standard 3 pin plug.