* KTS Series Model:

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  • As simple as a stacker, as versatile as a lift truck.
  • Ergonomic control head suitable for operation with both hands
  • Long tiller to operate at the recommended distance from the stacker
  • High residual capacity, with lifting up to a height of 4,660 mm 
  • Powerful three-phase high efficiency, maintenance-free drive motor
  • Compact chassis for manoeuvring in tight spaces
  • Proportional electronic hydraulic actuator
  • Multifunctional display


KTS Series technology and advantages
The KTS Series includes models with capacities from 500 to 800 kg.
The projecting forks, adjustable on FEM plate, allow even low-clearance Europallets, bins and frames to be handled, by sliding the forks under any side. Loads can be picked and placed even at locations where there wouldn't be enough space to operate a stacker.
Built for heavy-duty applications and customisable thanks to Kelvin's design strategy based on the interchangeability of several parts - to minimise management and spare part requirements and efficiently meet any handling need.

New ergonomic control head with inclined grip handles suitable for operation with both hands.
Long steering tiller for touch-sensitive, accurate manoeuvring with the operator at the recommended distance from the stacker.
Slow speed button with fully vertical tiller for special space requirements (optional): speed is automatically reduced to maximise safety.

Three-phase technology
Powerful alternating drive motor and inverter (Zapi) for fine-tuned control without any waste of energy.
Quick acceleration and reversing without any time delay. Constant regenerative electronic braking every time the accelerator is released or the machine is reversed. Maximum efficiency and minimised maintenance requirements as no components exposed to wear (brushes, manifold, travelling contacts, electromagnetic service brake) are used.
Component efficiency and regenerative power for extended operating time.
Batteries removable from the side to allow for work in multiple shifts (optional).
Continuous speed control to prevent uncontrolled movements even on slopes
Multifunctional display with battery charge indicator, hour meter and diagnostics feature.

Compact, sturdy chassis entirely made of metal offering broad visibility to ensure the best working conditions.
The sturdy mast in high resistance steel ensures high residual load capacities.
3-point support structure for maximum grip. Oversized wheels to minimise stress applied to the floor
Easy access for periodic inspections and maintenance makes servicing user-friendly and good value.
The optimisation of the materials and the quality of the components used minimise maintenance requirements and machine down-time.
Available equipment: drum, bale and white goods clamps, rotary grippers, hydraulic fork positioners, tippers, telescopic forks etc.
The tilting function can be applied to the mast. The load support grill is standard on all models.

Options and machine versions

  • Electronic Power Assisted Steering
  • Version with side shifter on the forks, 75 mm each side
  • Folding operator's platform with folding side restraints
  • Massive free lift stroke, with duplex or triplex masts
  • Galvanised version
  • IP54 version or –25°C cold store version
  • Version with gripper, hydraulic fork positioner or other equipment
  • Specific set-ups for applications that require extra hydraulic functions

(Please specify the machine options and versions if you require anything additional)