Kelvin Engineering

Machine Type

Wheel Configuration (If Electric Counterbalance)

Stacker Type (Only applicable for Pallet Stackers)

Stacker Drive (Only applicable for Pallet Stackers)

Lifting Capacity

Lift Height

Mast Type

KTS Kelvin Walkie Pedestrian Counterbalance

* KTS Series Model:

Kelvin Mini 10 & Kelvin Mini 15

(Excl. 20% tax)

Kelvin KE15 Electric Stacker

(Excl. 20% tax)

Kelvin KEK20 Electric Straddle Stacker

(Excl. 20% tax)

Kelvin KS Series Semi Electric Stacker

(Excl. 20% tax)
* KS Series Model:

* KS Series Mast:

Kelvin KR15 Electric Reach Stacker

(Excl. 20% tax)

Kelvin KEP10 Pedestrian Forklift

(Excl. 20% tax)

Kelvin KP Series Power Pallet Truck

(Excl. 20% tax)
* KP Series Model:

* Delivery:

Kelvin KPM Mini Power Pallet Truck

(Excl. 20% tax)

Kelvin KQR15H Power Pallet Truck

(Excl. 20% tax)

Kelvin 2500kg Heavy-Duty Hand Pallet Truck

(Excl. 20% tax)
* Wheel Type load:

* Wheel Type Steering:

* Delivery:

SQR30 Fully Powered Pallet Truck

(Excl. 20% tax)

WLS 680 RAB (Galvanised)

(Excl. 20% tax)

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Kelvin Engineering Ltd.
Waterend Farm
Epping Road


Sales and Service: 01342 832 101
Head Office: 01342 832101


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