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The brand name Kelvin has been synonymous with materials handling equipment since 1969, providing bespoke solutions, delivering better productivity, efficiency, and workplace safety.

We are very proud of our heritage, our services, and our ambition, and we hope that as well as providing you with all the crucial information you require regarding your equipment requirements, we also give you the service you would expect.

We have a growing network of first-class materials handling specialists to offer full UK support on our own products and other products you may already have on-site.

Hire, sales, service, and parts are all available to give you a true materials handling consultancy service.

True to our heritage, we have developed the experience and expertise to supply and maintain all manner of equipment – providing a true materials handling consultancy service and a cost-effective solution.

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New Equipment.

Elevate productivity, efficiency, and safety with Kelvin’s new range of High-Quality forklifts. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, it offers budget-friendly convenience with easy charging.

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Demo Equipment.

Explore Kelvin’s diverse range of second-hand and ex-demo equipment. At Kelvin, we value quality and innovation, if you have specific needs or enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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Forklift Hire.

Whether you need short-term or long-term rentals, we’ve got you covered. Our well-maintained forklifts are designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

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Service & Parts.

Trust Kelvin for comprehensive forklift servicing and top-quality parts. Our expert technicians are dedicated to keeping your forklifts in peak condition, ensuring smooth operations and safety.

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The Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) are a set of regulations created under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 which came into force in Great Britain on 5 December 1998 and replaced a number of other pieces of legislation which covered the use of lifting equipment. A lifting machine needs a LOLER so that it is deemed safe to use, many expire annually however some machines need testing even sooner.

As this is an important question, it deserves to have its own page. Please see our Forklift Battery Care and Maintenance page for an in-depth look at how to properly care and prolong the life of your battery.

The first question to ask is what type of pallets you use. If you use ones with an open bottom, then you are able to use either (the wrap over may be a better choice as it takes up less room).

However, the wrap over machine is not able to lift closed pallets, as it has two legs that sit directly under the forks (the act of lifting the forks with a closed pallet would snap the pallet).

The alternative would be to use what is known as a “slave pallet”. This is a empty pallet that the loaded pallet would sit on so that a wrap over stacker can lift it. A wrap over pallet can never lift a closed pallet from the floor.

If you do not wish to use a slave pallet, then the alternative machine to use would be a straddle leg stacker, where the legs go either side of the closed pallet.

This very much depends on your application of use where different machines may have an advantage over another.

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Kelvin Engineering: A brand you can trust.

Since 1969.

Our reputation for designing & building high-quality, reliable products stretches back decades. Learn more about Kelvin Engineering here.


We know safety features and functionality like indoor/outdoor wheels, easy charging stations, and blue dots are important. So we made them standard.


We value making connections with our customers, not just selling. So we are happy to serve you for the lifetime of your forklift.

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