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Forklift Hire

Kelvin Engineering Forklift Hire

Achieve better productivity, efficiency, and workplace safety with our hire fleet.

So perhaps purchasing is not appropriate for your cashflow, or you simply do not want the pressure of having to deal with unexpected repair bills that come with ownership? Many companies are in the same situation, which is why hire is such a popular option.

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Hire From £60.00 per week

Short-Term Hire.

Looking for a hassle-free solution to meet your short-term forklift needs? Our full maintenance hire agreements offer excellent value, with many starting at just £60 per week for a conventional counterbalance forklift. With this all-inclusive cost, you can use the forklift to run your business without worrying about unexpected bills. Our team of engineers are also on standby with a fast response time to ensure your machine runs smoothly, minimising downtime. We offer flexible 12-month to 7-year agreements, and longer terms result in reduced weekly costs, giving you a lower rate for extended use.

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Long-Term Hire.

Planning for the long run? Our long-term forklift hire options provide you with a reliable solution for extended periods. We understand that business needs can change, and that’s why we offer flexible contracts. You’re not tied down; we adapt to your evolving requirements. Our engineers are here to ensure your operations continue efficiently. If you ever need to change your forklift due to capacity, lift height, or any other reason, we’re more than happy to find an alternative machine to keep your business running smoothly.

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British Equipment Since 1969

Kelvin Engineering: A brand you can trust.

Since 1969.

Our reputation for designing & building high-quality, reliable products stretches back decades. Learn more about Kelvin Engineering here.


We know safety features and functionality like indoor/outdoor wheels, easy charging stations, and blue dots are important. So we made them standard.


We value making connections with our customers, not just selling. So we are happy to serve you for the lifetime of your forklift.

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