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Kelvin Mini 15 Forklift (4.5m Triplex Mast)

Kelvin Mini 15 Forklift (4.5m Triplex Mast)

£14,500.00 + VAT

The all singing, all dancing Kelvin Mini!

Our top of the range Kelvin Mini is like no other counterbalance. The Kelvin Mini can work in extremely small spaces, even rivalling that of a reach truck. However, it also has the advantage of being able to operate as a normal counterbalance by working on ground that would be considered too rough for a reach truck.

Lift Capacity: 1500kg (500mm Load Centre)

Lift Height: Triplex Mast Lift Height – 4500mm

Closed Height: 2100mm




Tyres: Rubber tyres & non marking tyres.

Forks: 10170mm & 1220mm available.

Having a machine that is able to carry out the usual task of being used as a conventional counterbalance, paired with the ability to manoeuvre in narrow aisles and spaces that would usually require use of a reach truck reduces the need of having to run 2 machines.

This all in one solution is a fantastic way to hugely reduce your overhead costs. Paired with Kelvin reliability, this machine is more than capable of doing it all.

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4.5m Triplex Lift Mast

1070mm forks

Integral Side Shift

Tilt Shift

Polyurethane (+£0) or Rubber (+£260) Tyres

Curve Control


Battery Autofill System

Blinky Battery Indicator

Full Road Lights

Flashing Beacon

LED Spotlights

Seat and lap belt

Curtis electrics

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